Why worpress is so popular framework than others

While WordPress began as a blogging device, it has developed during the time into an amazing web designer and a strong substance the board framework (CMS). That is the fundamental motivation behind why WordPress has become such a great amount in fame. As per an ongoing review, WordPress powers 32.3% of all sites on the web.

Few Benefits of wordpress

  1. WordPress website fully support SEO norms.
  2. Custom theme has been created for the website which is unique by structure and coding, that reduces the chances of hacking.
  3. Complex functionality is easily implemented with the help of plugin that reduces overall development time.
  4. In build admin panel is available with simple structure that reduces overall development time.
  5. User Friendly CMS
  6. WordPress is an open source software and any one can use it freely.
  7. WordPress sites are mobile-friendly.